Jessie McCoy

Jessie McCoy
(Spencer Klein Spencer Klein, Shawn Pyfrom Shawn Pyfrom, Justin Bradley Justin Bradley) - Jessie is not the smartest kid from school, and he is often picked on by friends including Vinnie because his mother treats him like a baby. Whenever he has a task or a homework to do, he usually gets out of it by telling a lie to Miss Graves, but she catches on and gives him different punishments. Jessie is bald and wears an orange sweater with blue jeans.


He is bald with a blue vest under an orange jumper. he has jeans


He is very stupid and shows off. Whatever he does is ends badly.


He always used to make weird faces in front of the camera. (Shy Kidney)

He always 'Turns into a ball' when he sleeps so Roberta (His mom), could hardly change his diapers.

He claims he doesn't like Billy at all.

His name is ”Joseph” as he is named after his aunt ”Josephine”, as his mother says.

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