Polly McShane

Polly McShane is the smartest and most irritable person in Room 402.


She wears Circular brown glasses, with 2 small pigtails. She often wears her stripy red and blue dress.


She is hated by the whole class. She is mostly annoying to Nancy, who tries to be with her sometimes to be with Penny. In the episode, The Gazotski Sanjay falls in love with her whilst dancing it, and asks if they could marry at the age of 18, but she rejects. Whenever she can, she always either starts talking about spoons, or about her home country, Lithuania.


In the episode I Got a Boyfriend, Polly shows a video of herself learning to swim. In the episode of Schnitzy RIP, Polly's goat Schnitzy dies, and Nancy helps her find a new goat.</i>