Vinnie and Nancy

Vincent 'Vinnie' Nasta (Andrew Lawrence) - Vinnie is the prankster of the bunch. He is a tall boy who likes to pull pranks on people. Vinnie is always found wearing a football shirt and spiked up black hair. Vinnie always has some eggs with him to chuck at the innocent kids of the school. He is also friends with Jessie, and the two pull pranks together on occasion. Vinnie has a big brother named Tony, whose former school projects Vinnie often tries to pass as his own but Miss Graves always remembers having already evaluated them during Tony's time. Vinnie once lost his friends when they learned his aunt married Mr. Besser but fortunately the wedding was short-lived.


He has brown spiky hair, a tee with the number 10, and jeans.


He is a class joker and is sometimes very mean.


Nothing Known.